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Create interactive maps organize your geo-data:

Epic Maps is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. We provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation, all the additional information such as photos and videos, download PDF files into any experience you create

We’re changing the way people move around cities and explore our world, We create tools for anyone to design and publish custom maps.

  • City-specific maps.
  • One-stop maps.
  • General information maps.

How does it work?


Choose a data field

Choose an interesting attribute of your data


Explore your data

Identify your map’s audience and goals


Style your data

Automatic colors suggestions match your basemap


Scale your data

See your data at scales that make sense


Preview your styling choices

Preview your choices, change them anytime


Make new discoveries

Find meaning and new patterns within your data

Make Maps:

Easily create custom maps with the places that matter to you.

  • Draw: Add points or draw shapes anywhere.
  • Search: Find places and save them to your map.
  • Import: Instantly make maps from spreadsheets.
  • Personalize: Show your style with icons and colors, add photos and videos to any place.


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