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What is Digital Identity?

Internet identity (IID), also online identity or internet persona, is a social identity that an Internet user establishes in online communities and websites.

Digital identity is required to describe an entity in the physical world within a digital information system. Besides carrying some identifier, the digital identity will be described with the help of attributes or so-called claims.


Google Yourself

If you haven’t done it yet, take a moment to Google yourself and sift through the images and results on the first few pages. Find what’s out there and possible for people to see, if they do really want to dig up information about you. Consider the mindset of someone who doesn’t know you and what they might think about what they find.

Just as you maintain your physical hygiene, you need to maintain your online reputation if you want to make good first impressions in today’s digitally-driven world.

Your online reputation is not something you can afford to ignore if you are serious about doing business in the modern world. The stakes are high and just by following a few easy reputation management tips you can begin to take the first steps in controlling your reputation and Build, Development Digital Identity and putting your best foot forward online.


Why should people and organizations create, develop and manage their digital identity?

Digital identity systems are a matter of great importance when it comes to self-definition or entity in the digital world, which is real in the physical world and actually affects it very directly. This is why building and documenting digital identity is no longer an optional issue. There is a broad consensus among technology experts that digital identity and authentication are the bedrock of online security and are rapidly becoming a national security priority.

Therefore, it is necessary to possess tools for the formation and construction of the digital identity of you.

5 benefits to create and develop digital identity
· Help your customers to find you.
· Reach more people.
· Build a stronger brand or name.
· Increase your credibility.
· Reputation management (Reduce the size of false news, Improve Rating).