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Our survey finds that digital marketers plan to allocate more resources to online reputation management in 2018 to boost business success.

With the growing popularity of social media, third-party reviews websites, blogs, and other digital platforms, maintaining a solid online reputation is necessary for businesses.

In 2018, businesses understand the importance of remaining vigilant of what’s being said about their brand online. Companies are allocating resources to online reputation management (ORM), the process of maintaining a healthy brand reputation.

Our Findings

  1. More than half (54%) of digital marketers consider ORM “very necessary” to their company’s success.
  2. Businesses monitor their online reputation frequently: 42% monitor their online reputation daily.
  3. Social media is used most often by businesses (46%) to monitor what’s being said about their brand online.
  4. The biggest achievement companies experience from investing in ORM is a growth in sales (25%).
  5. Nearly 35% of businesses plan to allot more time and money to ORM in 2018.

(1) Digital Marketers Recognize Online Reputation Management as Necessary to Their Business

ORM is necessary to the health and success of a business. In fact, 54% of digital marketers consider ORM “very necessary” to their company’s success.


(2) Businesses Monitor Their Online Reputation Frequently

Because online content circulates rapidly, how people perceive brands can change within seconds. For this reason, businesses always should track what’s being said about them online.

More than 40% of digital marketers monitor their companies’ brand daily, while 21% monitor their online reputation every hour.


(3) Businesses Consider Social Media Most Important Platform for Online Reputation Management

From social media and blogs to reviews and news websites, there is a range of outlets that businesses must be privy to when monitoring their brand online.

Most digital marketers consider social media the most important platform for monitoring online reputation: 46% of businesses use social media the most for ORM.


(4) Online Reputation Management Helps Businesses Boost Sales

Though maintaining a positive brand reputation seems like an ongoing, immeasurable process, it can lead to tangible results.

A quarter of digital marketers (25%) expressed that the main result of allocating resources to ORM is a growth in sales.


(5) Digital Marketers Will Invest More in Online Reputation Management in 2018

Businesses plan to spend more time and money on ORM in 2018 because they recognize the need for a solid online brand reputation.

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